Trinidad 2

Waking up in Trinidad, we enjoyed our breakfast on the roof terrace. Wow, the first time we had tasteful cheese!

We get out and there is a lot to discover for us. A beautiful art gallery where the building was more interesting than the art, an abbey with a gorgeous view over the old centre of Trinidad and a historical museum. In between all of this, we made dinner reservations and we booked our Casa Particular in the next city.

We drink the local drink canchánchara (Rum, honey, lime, water) in a nice place until too many tourists come, managing to escape on time. So, we got our car and went to the beach, where we met Luis and Thomas again. We spent the rest of the time on the beach and in the water. By the end of the afternoon we see an enormous rain shower coming our way. We pack quickly and go home by car, during the ride we need to pause a couple of times for the ‘rivers’ that come down the side streets, but we make it home safely.

At night we have diner in paladar (a term used in Cuba to refer to restaurants run by self-employers)  Sol y Son. Together with Luis & Thomas. The best food we have tasted on this island so far! During diner, Joaquim (couchsurfer from Luxembourg) sends us a message that he has arrived in Tinidad too.

We meet with him on the stairs next to the cathedral. Unfortunately the music stops earlier today because of Easter. Joacquim and Thomas & Luis continue to go to a club in a cave, but we go back to our casa, and fall asleep right away….

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