Ofcourse, the city from where the Shiraz grape originates, deserves our visit. So, we wake up at 4 am to catch our 6 am flight from Mehrabad Airport to Shiraz. A super smooth flight of about one hour takes us the Shiraz, the city that has so much to offer that no traveller can skip it.

We arrive in our hotel get settled and get going. It is warm and we walk around endless streets with all the same kind of shops. Again we find a bazaar and we can’t stop enjoing the view of little shops with spicies, carpets and clothes. All colourfull and full of smells. Friendly people, and more than once we’re invited to come in and taste something. We take a longer walk and go to the beautiful mosque Shah Cheragh. Unfortunately the people here are quite strict and allow us not in, “because we’re not muslim”.

Luckily, this was the only time we could not go in, in Iran. And luckily, there was much more beauty to come. We rest a bit in our airconditionned room and go on again. We pay a visit to the tombe of Haafez and spend some time there before we go to dine in a lovely place called Haft Khan. Funny detail: the waiter asked us where we’re from, and accordingly he put little Iranian, Dutch and Lebanese flags on our table. We can;t stay up late: tomorrow (again) we need to wake up early.

We’re going on a trip organised by the hotel to the famous site of Persepolis. 60 kms from Shiraz, Persepolis was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire built in  the 6th century BC by Darius I. It’s an amazing site, if you can imagine how things here must have been. (Also interesting how you can see the tents that belonged to the Shahs  biggest party ever in 1975, which eventually may have caused the 1979 revolution) We also visit the as impressive Necopolis, where the kings have their graves.
We walk a bit around, visit bazaars, a castle and eat the best ice cream ever tasted. At night, because of lack of inspiration, we eat again in Haft Khan. This place has five floors, and each floor has a different cuisine. Last night we ate traditional Persian food, tonight we go to the grill floor and enjoy hamburgers!

“If you want to see it in the best light, you go as early s possible”, is what we had learnt. So, again an early alarm clock, and we are at 7:30 am at the door of Nasir-ol-Molk mosque. Once we’re inside, our eyes open wide and we are really happy that we came so early. This mosque has the best stained windows ever, and when you’re early you get the best views with the bst sunlight. Look at those pictures!

For the rest our days in Shiraz are over, in the afternoon are bus to Esfahan awaites us!