Santiago de Cuba

We wake up in Santiago de Cuba, all the way South of the island! We have a quick (good) breakfast in the Casa Particular, shower and go outside to explore this city. We notice quickly how this city is much warmer than Havana, and the people look different. Much darker.

We visit the horrible Bacardi Museum (highlight of the museum: a pen once used by Paul McCartney), the oldest houses of Cuba and some little touristic markets (where we buy two littlle wooden airplanes). For lunch we ate a huge pizza at El Rapido, the Cuban fast food chain. There are more flies on the table than I can describe here.


We walk on and continue alond the port, where we see goats -with their four legs tied together- lying on the street waiting for transport. Finally we end up on the terrace of local pub, El Hollandes, for some rum and cokes. From here we call Lianne (local Couchsurfer) who joined us later (with Luis, another CS’er). With them we have diner, still on the terrace of El Hollandes, where we can enjoy the music from Casa de la Trova, from across the street.

We end the day on the terrace of a place (with lots of gays!) which is surrounded by an iron fence. Doesn’t feel really good, but the drinks and company made up for it!


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