Remedios is one of the highlights of our trip through Cuba. Not because it has a village square with two churches on it, not because we had such a lovely hostess trying to teach us Spanish, not because of her nice cooking, not because of the room, but mainly because of this:

Oliver had found out that one of the best beaches of Cuba is not far from Remedios, and that is why we went here. The night before, our hosts showed us photos of the beach and tried to explain us how to get there. Since they only spoke Spanish which we didn’t, we decided to make believe we understood everything and we were going to give it a try next morning.

It seemed that we had said si and no on the right moments, because we were surprised to see that our hostess had prepared a lovely lunch for us in a cooling box! And so we started the day. A sandy road, a check point, no other traffic and then we reached the beach. White sand, blue warm water, and best of all: nobody else. We think we saw a dolphin swimming, and enjoyed the water so much! We still wonder whether skinny dipping is legal in Cuba?  😉

Remedios is for us a town full of happy memories, because of the super friendly hosts and because of this lovely beach.

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