Paris 2016 (gay pride and Centre Pompidou)

In just 2,5 hours, Thalys takes us from Rotterdam to Paris. We planned a weekend there with Daniel and Daniel, visiting museums and a concert by Ahnoni. But guess what, during the train ride, Google Maps informs us there will also be gay pride! That means our trip just got extra interesting! We quickly walk from Gare du Nord to the metro and hurry to Daniel and Daniels house.

After having met Daniel and having installed ourselves, the three of us go to the city centre to attend gay pride. There’s more police than I have ever seen. The roads to the parade are blocked by police, and all attendees get searched before they can go in. Probably understandable if you think of what happened in Paris earlier this year and in Orlanda just a while ago, but to me it looks threatening and I don’t feel much safer because of it. We even saw police snipers on the roofs!
We watch the Pride with Daniel and some friends of his, and later walk to the square where the party will be, It’s rainy and not much fun. Then we continue to Le Marais where we have dinner and stay a while at several bars for drinks. Tired of the day, we walk and go by metro home.

Next morning we get to meet other Daniel as well. It’s great to se him again after three years, He hasn’t changed a thing. Daniel & Daniel have plans for the day and we decide to go to Centre Pompidou. On our way there we have breakfast, When we arrive at Pompidoum, there’s already a very long line. It seems the first Sunday of the month, entrance is for free. Luckily, we got tickets from Daniel that allow us to take the shortcut. First, we visit the upper floors for two temporarily exhibitions, but it’s the regular collection that amazes us most. It’s for both of us the first time here, and we’re positively surprised. We’ll be back!

On our way out of the museum we pay a quick visit to Les Halles in our hunt for lunch. We end up having lunch in a very nice burger place: l’Artisan du Burger. Heading ‘home’, we walk a bit around and so some shopping in a beautiful chocolate shop, called Le Comptoir de Mathilde.
Back at home we enjoyed a fantastic dinner  cooked by Daniel & Daniel, together with othr friends of them, Benoit & Thomas.


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