Paris 2016 (Fondation Louis Vuitton and Anohni)

We wake up and both Daniels are to work – we grab a quick coffee and leave the house. Plans: the canal and Fondation de Louis Vuitton. The weather is lovely, so we start walking. It’s about 2 kms to Canal Saint-Martin. This canal was dug in the 1820s (funded by a new tax on wine) and has a lot of locks to make ships pass the high difference in water level. The canal featured in the Amelie movie:

We have a quick breakfast in a place called Marine, and then continue our walk to the metro. To Fondation Louis Vuitton. After the metro, we walk through Bois de Boulogne and amazed we get closer and closer to the Frank Gehry building. Typical Gehry, it’s made of shiny material and has very organic shapes.

Lucky us, there’s a Daniel Buren installation that has put many coloured sheets on the building. The building is too beautiful to even think of not going in, And not without luck, as we both love the building inside and out just as much. We saw many nice works and installations. Our photo’s which we made here are to be found here.

After our visit to Louis Vuitton, we hurry back home where we meet with Daniel & Daniel again. We have a quick dinner (some chese and bread) and we go to the concert that made us go to Paris in the first place: Aohni is in town! We go to Le Philharmonie de paris, which is a lovely building. There we also meet Benoit and Thomas from Nice again.
We wait a while in the theatre and then it starts. A 20 minutes movie of dancing Naomi Camble begins and afterwards Anohni comes to the stage. She’s wearing a kind of habit and even her face is covered. We do not get to see here, but here songs are accompagnies by very powerful images of women on the back of the stage. (here’s a review of the London show)

Next day our trip to Paris is over again. We make a long walk to the station, Oliver buys a nice shirt, we buy some books and have lunch on the way. 2,5 hours of training later, we’re back in good old Rotterdam. Merci Paris!!

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