Flight and first days in Capetown

So here we are, back in Capetown after a day in the car, but let’s start with the beginning.

We had a long but good flight on Sunday. The fact that I woke up at 4am on Saturday to check-in online seemed a good idea: we had the best seats on the plane with about two metres free space in front of us. And during that flight of over 11 hours it was very comfortable being able to stretch the legs!

Upon arrival Stewart and his boyfriend were so good to be there and take us right away to Ocean Tide, our apartment. They dropped us of there, and we went out for fifteen minutes to get some coca cola and so, and went to bed early.

Next day, Monday. We woke up and were happily surprised by seeing so much sun! We went out and had breakfast in Cafe Manhattan, right around the corner. With loads of potato, spinach, sausage and so one that was a proper start of the day! After that we went to a big and very nice shopping centre called V&A (Victoria and Alfred) where we booked our car at Avis, bought some small things and……set down for cocktails. Later on, Steward and bf joined us there after which they took us to the Avis pick-up location where we received our car. And let me tell you this: it was not very easy to drive on the left side of the street for the first time. How many times I switched on the window wipers in stead of the indicators, I can’t remember…..

Having done this, we went to Stewart’s place for a drink, had great burgers at Cafe Manhattan (yes….again there) and that’s where we stayed for a couple of drinks until we went back to Ocean Tide. A lovely fay with loads of sun and (I think) about 28 degrees.

Tuesday, today, we started with a fast breakfast (coffee and donuts) which I had bought in the supermarket around the corner. Then we decided it’s time for a good lesson in driving on the left and we hit the road to go to Cape Point. This turned out to be a great day! Via Muizenberg, Fish Hoek and Simon’s Town we reached the park. On our way there we once got surprised by some baboons running on the street, but I managed not to kill them. Wink

Once inside the park we drove all the way up to Cape Point. A little lift took us up to the lighthouse where we enjoyed magnificent views. A sign there told us we were 9.635 km’s away from Amsterdam! There we took the car again and ten minutes later we were at Cape of Good Hope, the most South Western part of Africa. Great views over the ocean and at the mountains made this a highlight of the day!

Unfortunately we did not get to see many wild animals there, but what we did see were an ostrich, snake, turtle, lots of lizards and an antelopes from far away.

We left the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve and made TomTom take us back ‘home’ via Houtbay. On our way there we made a stop in Simon’s Town to see the penguins. And we did see them: hundreds of them! We had a little fish plate in a restaurant there, bought some liquor and went on the road again.

Via a road that was chopped out of the rocks (scary from time to time) we enjoyed magnificent views again. So beautiful that we had to stop everyfew km’s to watch and make photos. From there it took about 20 minted to get back to Seapoint (part of Capetown where we stay) and right now it is 7pm and I am sitting outside typing this on my laptop……..

In short: we see a lot, eat a lot, and best of all: we enjoy it a lot!!