This is the final part of our long journey in the east. We arrived to Oudshoorn in the late afternoon. They had a power shut down from 6 till about 8:30 (made me think of Lebanon…) so we couldn’t go t any restaurant during that time, what else to do? Drink of course! Champagne for everyone!!! Haha! When the power was back we went to a great african fusion restaurant where we had Ostrich meat. DELICIOUS!!!! We headed back to the hotel where we decided to extend the stay as we realized that it will be too rushed.

The following day we began at Highgate Showfarm, an Ostrich farm. We had a short tour in the farm about the breeding of ostriches, production of ostrich products. Strange creatures they are! We fed a couple of them some corn and went to another part of the farm where one can ride an ostrich! AND I DID!!! Yes, i was the only one who dared. You could sit on one which was strapped so it couldn’t move. And after that you could ride one which runs!!! It didn’t last long as i fell in their poe… But it was fun! The last part of the visit was an ostrich race, my ostrich ended up second, only by meter. Did you know that the eggs of an ostrich are very hard? You can even stand on them!

The next stop was the Cango Wildlife Ranch where they have a very loud guide and various animals. Marius and I wanted to cage-dive with the crocodiles, but once there it seemed so un-exciting… It was a very small pool and the crocodiles seemed rather bored and uninterested… We saw a little show of a white tiger, beautiful thing! The fun part was the birds’ cage. You can buy nectar to feed them and they would really jump you! Haha! They stand on your head, your arms, hands, bite on your ears… One of them couldn’t hold it in and peed on Marius’ shirt!! But they say it’s good luck. Later that evening we went back to the same restaurant, it was really exceptional and we had springbok. As delicious as the ostrich!

The last day we went to the Cango caves which weren’t as impressive as we thought, but still quite nice. And then started the long way home, some 475 kms…

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