Nazca and its lines

We took the bus from Paracas to Nazca where we had a reservation at Hostal Nazca. One of the owners awaited us at the bus station and took us to the hostel, which was not even a 10 minutes walk. We got our room which was a bedroom and private bathroom. It was all very basic, but clean. Since we only paid €17 per night, there was nothing more we could have wished for, this even included breakfast!

The people of the hostel could also help us with booking a tour over the Nazca Lines, which was, of course, the main goal of our stay here. So, we booked our flight tour over the lines at the hostal, which included a taxi to and from the airport, at US$ 70 per person. We then went to see the city of Nazca, which was small, dusty, busy and a bit…… dull. We decided to eat in the one and only restaurant that did not have someone outside to talk people inside: restaurant La Encantada. Nice food, nice wine and friendly service. We were happy with it!

Next morning we were picked up by the taxi at 08 am to take us to Maria Reiche Neuman Airport from where would take a flight over the Nazca Lines, the best way to see them. The airport was just a ten minutes ride. At the airport, all passengers were weighed so they could distribute the weight over the (small) airplane. But…….there were clouds that would block our view, so we had to wait. And wait. And wait. But then, after a few hours we were finally ready. We went through the security checks to the gate, walked to the plane and were ready to finally discover the lines!

The pilot instructed us to follow the wings to see the drawings on the ground. We both thought we just had to look under the wings, but no: the plane would almost go on it’s side to really point downwards with the wing to the drawing! And then back and pointing with the other wing. A lot of people looked very pale when getting off the plane! But, the views were extraordinary. On our flight, we have seen the whale, triangles, trapezius, astronaut, monkey, dog, hummingbird, condor, spider, heron bird, tree, parrot, hands and endless lines going over the entire plain. Some were easier to spot than others, but all were amazing. Actually, the idea of having seen these lines with our own eyes is still amazing. After the flight, we were given certificates that we did the flight, haha!

Proud that we had seen the lines and received our certificates, we went back to Nazca. To be honest, the little village doesn’t have to offer much, besides the lines. We walked around a bit (the only pretty thing is that you can always see the high mountains around, covered in snow and some marketplaces) and decided to go to the Museo Arqueologico Antonini, but that was a bit disappointing. Not well maintained and more photos of archaeological excavations than of interesting objects. So, we slowly walked back to the hostal, bought some fruit on the way back and waited for our night bus to Arequipa which would leave at 23h00. Next town!





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