Máncora: the wedding, sea and beach

When the doors of the plane opened, we immediately felt it: the warmth! Much warmer than Lima! We got our luggage and found a taxi driver holding a sign with our names. He took us on a ride of nearly three hours to our destination: Mancora. We go out of the taxi to be welcomed by MJ and Raymond, and when we went in, we met the people who tempted us to go to Peru: Mery and Jeroen, next day’s bride and groom. After the tiring day, we quickly went to bed in our room which was practically on the beach. When we woke up next day, we found ourselves in paradise. On the white beach, watching the blue waves so close to our hotel room, overlooking pelicans flying just a few centimetres above the water. Truly beautiful! We went for breakfast, sharing the table with Jeroen’s brother Martijn and his girlfriend Sally. After that we simply enjoyed the beach until lunch, which we shared with Jeroen’s sister Anneloes and her boyfriend Yalmar. Later, we just hang around on the beach, watching the place getting decorated for the big celebration.

Then it was 15h30, we put on our party clothes and bowties and went to the place where it would all happen. Groom Jeroen waited and there the father came to give away his daughter, the beautiful bride Mery. The civil servant spoke her speech, and the “si’s” were said. Then there were rings of course and a speech from a man, I figured he was Mery’s godfather and the speech was rather spiritual. It was nice how husband and wife lit candles, after which a candle was lit with both the candles at once. Then Jeroentje speeched and then Mery told Jeroen what he means to her. Probably sunscreen ran into my eyes, as I couldn’t help but cry…..

The official part was over, the party started. We were asked to put finger prints on a painting, and then we sat down for diner which was good and accompanied by nice wine! There were more speeches amongst which one from Jeroen’s father and one from his brother. I was quite touched by one saying how Mery (who also has Edith in her name) brought back an Edith in the family, as Jeroen’s mother Edith died three years ago. Tears again!

Party time!! We drank, danced, partied, laughed and had so much fun!! It ended like all Peruvian wedding do, apparently, in the swimming pool. The newly weds jumped in, and even thought the international guests needed some time to get used to the idea, in the end most of them were fully clothed in the pool. Including Oliver & Daniël.

It was a night to remember!

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