Madrid and its WorldPride 2017

After having seen the gay pride of Paris in 2016, we decided that we want to see more foreign prides. How lucky were we to find out that Madrid was hosting the Worldpride of 2017? We were quite early with booking our tickets and suddenly it was the 28th of June: we flew to Madrid! All went well and before we knew it, we were on the streets, of Madrid. Never before we saw so many rainbow flags, stickers, banners and other decoration to celebrate the pride. We felt welcome right away!

We quickly checked into our apartment and went to town. The entire city centre of Madrid was more and more rainbow than we had already seen. Madrid made the pride of Amsterdam look like a little town. To start, we joined some Couchsurfers in the Critical Parade. This is the parade that demands more inclusion and diveristy for all. Just like the first pride parades were meant to be like. The ‘regular’ pride these days in many cities is commercial and dominated by many fancy cars/boats of big companies. So it was refreshing to see a real pride parade again!

The next day, we start up early and have a breakfast somewhere on the way to the city centre. We’re on our way to visit the modern art museum Reina Sofia. I really liked the building, the views from its roof and also the exhibition on Picasso’s Guernica.

We continue our pride themed and visit pride park where you can buy souvenirs from some smaller organisations, but we’re not very impressed.

Next day is very active. We start the day culturally. We pay visits to both an exhibition of photos of 50 years the San Fransico Gay Pride and an exhibition called gay icons with tributes to David Bowie, Marlene Ditrich and many others. Later we also do the special gay tour in the Prado Museum. At night we meet again with Couchsurfers to see one of the collest things: a huge show one of the the biggest squares of Madrid: Puerto de Alcála. We see a lot of artists here, but the highlight of the day is the Weather Girls who sing It’s Raining Men!

Tomorrow: the big parade!

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