Lima, last days

We woke up again quite early and agreed to meet with MJ and Raymond in their street, Calle Francia. From there we walked to ruins of adobe bricks, the Huaca Puclana. A guide told us all about this ceremonial centre which was built, used and left alone around 700. Afterwards, several others have used it for ritual offers etc etc. From here we walked back and had lunch in an Italian place called O Sole Mio. MJ and Raymond then left us since they had a flight to Mancora that afternoon.
Oliver and I went to an office of Perurail to have something changed in our tickets to Machu Pichu. This was in shopping centre Lancomar, where we also ate some delicious deserts in a place called Tanta. We went back home, showered and went again for dinner in Saqra which we enjoyed very much.

Next morning, Oliver packed the bags, and we went for a walk along the beach of Miraflores, which was full of pebbles, that gave the waves a special sound. I found it special to see all the tsunami warnings. Walking up the stairs (I can still feel it in my legs) we walked in the direction of restaurant La Mar. A fish restaurant that only opens for lunch. We were at the door exactly at 12, the first to arrive. We sat at our table, and within 30 minutes, the place was full and there was a queue! The styling was perfect, the food to die for. We had trio of serviche and breaded calamare, both surprisingly delicious!

Then, at 3:30pm we were picked up by our taxi driver Miguel to take us to the airport. From here, Peruvian Airlines would fly us in 1,5 hours to Piura, a city in the north of Peru. Three hours by taxi from Piura to Mancora, and there we were at the main reason for our Peru trip: the wedding location of Mery and Jeroen! We arrived quite late, but were lucky enough to get dome sandwiches from the kitchen which was already closed. Then we went to sleep, listening to the sound of the waves. Next day will be a long one!

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