Lima, historic center

Our third day in Lima started early and with a bang, when our bed collapsed. Haha! No worries, though! Bed frame aside, mattress on the floor, and voilà! We grabbed a taxi to take us to the historical centre of Lima. Through chaotic traffic we arrived there in about 45 minutes. To find out that due to student protests the Plaza Mayor was closed for traffic. So, we had a lovely calm square to explore!
First off all, we went into the cathedral, which was beautiful. We had lunch in a little restaurant called De Cesar where we ate grilled chicken and drank pisco sour and Peru Libre. Right across the street is the Franciscan monastery San Francisco. We bought tickets for a guided tour but that wouldn’t start until 15 minutes later. So we went outside for a walk and in a city such as big as Lima we coincidentally bumped into Marie-José and Raymond! We advised them to lunch in De Cesar while we did the tour in San Francisco. Afterwards we met again for a drink before we hit the road all together.

We walked the rest of a Lonely Planet route they were following, which took us through some very crowded streets with loads of little shops. There was so much to see! Then we also visited a indoor market where we walked the ‘fruit lane’ and Oliver got a market lady angry because he smelled the fruit, she wouldn’t even let him buy it anymore (he finally finds guava and this happens!). Daniël was hoping to walk the ‘fish lane’, but the smell of it stopped us from doing so. We walked through the local China Town and then we were at the Plaza Mayor again. Having seen most of what we wanted, the four of us returned by Metropolitan Bus to Miraflores.

At night, we walked to Lancomar to get a yellow taxi to take us to an other part of Lima, called Barrancos, for dinner. Although all the books said this was a great place to eat at night, we had trouble finding an attractive place. We sat down in an old train wagon, called Cafe Cultural Restaurante Expreso Virgen de Guadelupe. Here we had some pizza, not too big, but okay. Together with Pisco Sour it all tastes well here in Peru. We took a taxi back, and back in the apartment we fell a sleep very quickly in our improvised bed after a long day.

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