Holidays in Lebanon 2014-2015 -2-

The 25th of December, we sleep long and then go to the house of Olives parents. His suster and family have stayed the night there, so it’s a full house and we all enjoy the Christmas lunch. Olivia made a huge effort and so there’s way to much, and we all eat and drink a lot. Me myself, I try a bit of the whisky we bought Oli’s dad for Christmas. Guess what? I like it. And I decide that when we get home, I will get myself a bit familiar with whisky.

December 26, unlike in Holland it’s not a special holiday in Lebanon. We decide to go to Beirut, where we walk a bit around. At night, we enjoy a very nice diner in an Armeinan restaurant called Seza. We’re lucky enough to be accompagnied by the lovely Nagham and Elie. We enjoy the food and wine a lot, and have a lot of fun with the ladies!

December 27, we have a busy schedule. We go and have a breakfast with Andraos and Olivia and then leave to pick up George. He awaits us ni Amchit where we take him in our car to head to Batroun where we want to do a wine tour through the area. After some confusing signs before and after the military checkpoint, we quickly find our way ‘up’ towards the beaitufl winery of Ixsir. Having arrived there, they tell us to wait about an hour and then the tour starts. We walk a bit around and then join the tour. We’re used to visit old wineries, it’s really special to visit a modren one like this. They show us the production room and the cellar, and it’s all as interesting. Having bought two bottles to take with to Rotterdam, we leave again.

We drive back to Batroun to visit a shop where they used to sell a lot of regional products, but unfortunately we didn’t find regional wine as we wanted. We decide to stay around Batroun and have snacks in Pierre & Friends, where we also enjoy the lovely view as the sun sets in the sea.  After this we make a quick stop at the house of Oliver parents, where we show George our Peru photobook and then we go on. As a part of our Xmas gifts from Lyssa, she takes us out for diner in Argentinian resto  Punta del Este in Jounieh. An other lovely night with Lyssa, George and his sister Jessy. Mercy, Lyssa!



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