Holidays in Lebanon 2014-2015 -1-

Every other year, we spend Christmas and New Year in Lebanon, and so we left for Lebanon on the 20th of December 2014. Smooth flights with Tarom, via Bucharest took us to Beirut. There we met the man who brought us our rental car and we drove to Halate, to meet Olivers mother who was as happy as could be to see us again. But, it was already 3am, so we quickly went to our studio in Santa Preri to and sleep quickly.

Next morning we woke up, and enjoyed our Nescafé in the sun. So gogo to be back, so good to enjoy sun and high temperatures in Winter! Of course we went to see Olivers mum again and hang a bit around. Later we went to Jbeil and we dined in Adonai. Outside!

Monday the 22nd: we sleep long, and wake up with the sound of rain! Wow, that was not what we planned! But, we go to Olivia (Olivers mum) for breakfast and coffee and we hang around a bit. Later on, we take our car and drive to good friend George. The rain continues, but being inside and seeing George again makes it a lovely day. With George, we plan to go to Hamra for dinner. And what makes this dinner even nicer, is that good friend Nagham will also join us. We enjoy the typical Lebanese food in Kahwet Leila with them. It’s a beautiful place, but the service is disappointing. After dinner we go for drinks to Calle in Mar Mikhael. Funky place, great bar keeper, nice music and delicious cocktails with fresh ingredients. After this, we return to Santa Preri.

The 23rd of December: shopping time! After our regular Nescafe and visit to Olivia, we head to beirut. We go Christmas shopping. our first ship is the beautiful Le Comptoir where Jessy, the sister of George works. Here we buy some wine. We continue X-mas shopping in ABC Achrafieh where we also have a quick snack in Cafe Blanc. Finally done, we agree with Rida to meet for diner in a nice place called Kronflon. Lovely to meet Rida again, who also brought a nice friend, and especially the arguileh is great!

The day of Christmas Eve has arrived! Oliver promised his mum to make the bûche de noël and so he leaves early. Daniël takes it slowlier but also sportier: after a while he walks to the Meskawi residence. During the walk he made this photosphere:

Later that night it’s finally there: we celebrate Christmas. With Olivers parents, his little sister and his older sister with her husband and sons. We eat a lovely diner, drink much wine and: we exchange the gifts. It’s a lovely night and everybody is happy with the gifts they received. Late at night, we return to our bungalow in Santa Preri and sleep a long night!


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