Wow, after a long flight we have arrived in Havana! It took quite a while before we got our luggage, but once outside we managed to quickly exchange our euro’s for CUC’s, and find a taxi to take us to our Casa Particular. The taxi took us quickly through the city to Calle L, where we had booked our Casa Particular. To be honest, the environment looked a bit ‘challenging’, especially when we found out there was nobody there to receive us.

So, we put our luggage on the stairs, and called our Couchsurfing friend Jesus. Luckily, within 10 minutes, the owner of the place showed up, gave us the room, keys to it, and we were happy. A good place to stay in a very safe area.

Once installed a bit, we went outside to find out where we were. We walked a bit around in Vedado and returned as soon as Daniël could hardly walk anymore due to a huge blister.

We slept a couple of hours and went out again to see if we could get some drinks and food. We managed to find a shop where we could buy water, coke, rum(!) and something that looked like bread. The shops in Cuba look poor, there is not much you can buy.

Back in our room we enjoyed some Cuba Libres  (the first of our Cuba trip!) on our balcony which faces the ocean and fell asleep.


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