Havana – Santiago de Cuba

Today we will be travelling again, we are flying from Havana to Santiago de Cuba! Havana Airport seems a mess: the screens change the departing time every ten minutes. Not all the screens and people have already adapted the daylight saving time which started last night, so there is some confusion. (the lady of the tax free shop needs to go to the toilet and asks me to keep an eye on her shop, really!) In the end it all works well and we get on our plane (with our hand written boarding passes) and fly to Santiago de Cuba.

Waiting for our luggage we see the most interesting things or the luggage belt: carton boxes with potatoes, 24-packs of bottles water, many other things. We get our luggage, go outside and find a drivier with a sign with Olivers name on it. And guess what: we are driven to our casa particular in an old American car, really cool!

And there we are: we have arrived in Santiago de Cuba. Our casa seems fine, we are ready to discover the city. We walk a bit around, drink cocktails on a square, dine in the casa and end the day with Cuba Libres on the roof terrace.

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