Havana: Gran Teatro, Museo de la Revolucion, Club de Havana museum

Our third day in Havana started earliy as well. A lot to see and do. Breakfast at 08h30 in the casa particular, where our hostess kindly reserved a taxi for the next day to the airport. We walked outside and stopped a taxi to take us to El Capitolio. Unfortunately it was closed due to renovations. Luckily we could visit the Gran Teatro de la Habana which was next door. We had already seen this building on Dutch TV, in SYTYCD, but in real life it was much, much prettier! We walked around the beautiful rooms, enjoyed the art exhibition and the views, and sat still on the stairs to watch practising ballet dancers.  A true highlight of the city!

From here we continued walking through Barcelona Street, to the Padro. Here we suddenly faced a hundred people whispering, holding signs and photos. It seemed these people were selling houses and renting out rooms. A couchsurfer informed later on that they were indeed selling houses and the reason why if feels so secretive and bizarre, is because this was the place were people sold houses illegally until it was legalised only a couple of months before.

Next stop: Museo de la Revolucion. An old presidential palace filled with maps, photos and goodies from the revolution. Much to do about Fidel and Che. Behind it was an open air exhibition with cars, tanks and boats.

From this museum we took a coco taxi to the museum of Havana Club Rum Museum. Here we enjoyed a real nice tour about how rum is made, and afterwards there was a tasting. Right next to this museum was an art market where we walked around a bit, but bought nothing.

We took a coco taxi back to our casa particular, and slept for a couple of hours. At 21h00 we had an other meeting with Couchsurfers for drinks. We slept a bit too long so we took a quick diner in hotel Havana Libre and then hurried to Hotel Inglaterra. There we found Lisa with her two friends, and we sent an SMS to the rest. Suddenly, at 20h59 we enjoyed a tropical shower, due to which many people arrived much later.

Lisa showed me the hotel, Lianne arrived and confirmed that she had made a reservation in a casa particular in Santiago de Cuba. Suddenly it became quite late, so we took a taxi ‘home’ where we drank another Cuba Libre and feel asleep.

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