Guardalavaca to Camaguey

It’s time to leave the horrible hotel, today we drive to Camaguey. We have a quick breakfast in what we would call a vreetschuur [eating barn] in Dutch. We check out, buy water for during the trip and we leave. Luckily the GPS works fine now and we find the Casa in Camagüey without detours!

Driving in Cuba is a real challenge. On the way we find former Dutch public transport busses, American oldtimers, horse and carriages, oxes, almost anything you can think of. We enjoy this crazy world around us but also pitty the poor Cubans.

After havng driven around 4 or 5 hours we arrive in Casa Lucy, a charming casa with a nice garden where our dinners and breakfasts are served. We install ourselves in the room after having parked the car in their garage, and go discover Camagüey. Wikitravel says ” It has some beautiful old churches, but is not really a tourist stop.” so that is exactly what Oliver and I like.

We walk into the historic centre and sit down in Café Ciudad. Here we have some very nice sandwiches, Cuba Libre and Oliver praises their coffee! When we walk on, a guy comes to us and invited us to the gallery where he works. It seems to be the gallery of Joel Jover and his wife Ileana Sanchez , two of Cuba’s most prodigious contemporary painters. Their home in the center of Camagüey functions as both gallery and a bona fide piece of art with every surface covered in work. We enjoy it a lot and buy three small paintings by Ileana Sanchez. They hang in Rotterdam in our living room, we see them every day and that always makes me happy!

Walking on the street we find a place with cheap, copied CD’s where Oliver feels very well home. We buy some of them. Also, we see some wonderful street art on the walls of an abandoned house (see photo).

We decide to have some cocktails on a terrace, but as dark clouds approach we decide to go back to the casa where we enjoy our dinner in their beautiful patio. We’ve had a long day, so it does not take long until we fall asleep.


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