From Trinidad to Cienfuegos, to Santa Clara

After a bad night of sleep, due to much noise from outside (especially the neighbours’ rooster), we wake up, have breakfast in our Casa Particular, pack our bags and check out.

It is a beautiful road we drive, much of it along the coast. These roads are so full of crabs that we can not even try not to hit them. So unfortunately we kill quite a couple of them. Cars before us have done the same, and those killed crabs in the warm sun produce a nasty smell. After an hour on the road, we reach Cienfuegos without driving the wrong way. In 2005, UNESCO inscribed the Urban Historic Centre of Cienfuegos on the World Heritage List, citing Cienfuegos as the best extant example of the 19th-century early Spanish Enlightenment implementation in urban planning.

Here we stay in casa Bella Perla Marina. Quite a special one, we get a room with a very high ceiling, full of art. The casa has a roof terrace from which you have amazing views, unfortunately there are works going on that make our stay not as nice as expected.  We meet two other guests from Switserland, with whom we exchange tips on what to see and do in Cuba. We go outside, walk around the city, take CUC150,= from an ATM that works and walk to Palacio de Valle.

At night we dine in the casa, the waiter tells us we’re eating horse meat. Waldo the owner of the casa, comes to us quickly to assure us it is beef: eating horse meat is illegal in Cuba! “The waiter has mental problems”, so says Waldo.

The next day, we get up early and want to drive to the El Nicho waterfall. After a 100 meters, Waldo comes running after us and tells us that we need to leave our room, because he has reservations for today. So, we go back, pack our bags and check out. We didn’t like the city and casa very much, anyway. We go to visit waterfall El Nicho and the beautiful nature around it, where we feel alone in the world.

After this, we continue to Santa Clara. On the road to it, we pick a casa particular from Lonely Planet. We found this at once, but it is fully booked, Luckily, he has a friend with room in his casa, and he takes us there. This one seems fine so we accept it. We do a quick walk around it, buy some rum, and decide to dine in the casa. We have lobster but it wasn’t very nice. Atfer a long day, we fall quickly asleep.

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