From Table Mountain to Clifton beach

Wednesday we decided to combine fun and nature, so we started with shopping. We went to a huge shopping mall called Canal’s Walk in Century City. 10 minutes away from Capetown you will find a indoor mall with over 400 shops, a cinema, and a huge food place with McDonalds, KFC and other fast food thingies. We didn’t buy much clothes but will surely be back there! Wink

After Century City we drove to Table Mountain. A cable car that is big enough to host 65 people took us within a couple of minutes (they travel 10 metres per second) to a height of 1.067 metres. It was fun to see how people fought themselves a place in the cable car with a good view, as the floor started rotating 360 degrees so that everyone would get the same views.

On top of it we had great views over Capetown, the ocean and Robben Island. We are lucky enough being here this time of the year so there aren’t many tourists so we did not have to queue for the best views.

We went down again, drove to our apartment, showered and had a drink, then we went to cafe Manhattan (again) for burgers, and then drove to the other cafe Manhattan for drinks. But there were so few people in all the bars we saw that we went home after just two drinks.

Thursday morning we took the car and drove about 26 kilometres in the direction of Cape Point to visit winery Groot Constantia. This is since 1685 the oldest winery in South Africa. Lovely Cape Dutch architecture put some nice small white buildings against stunning mountain backgrounds. We took a tour through the place where they actually make the wine and had a wine tasting after it. Being a wine estate, they grow and make their wines out of their own grapes.

After this we decided to have lunch there. Gosh this was so beautiful, a very nice terrace and again a very beautiful view.

I don’t know what happened, and what was in the wine, but suddenly Oliver decided that he wanted to drive back to Capetown. And so it happened……and I must say all went well. But we did not go straight back to the apartment but made a short two hours stop on the beach. It is unbelievable that Capetownians start complaining about the cold, but we found it very very nice on the beach. It was quite a climb down to the beach, but once down we found a very quiet beach. I walked a few metres into the water, but since this water comes from the South Pole, it was unbelievably COLD!!!

We went back to our apartment, had drinks there, went to a real African restaurant, and met Stewart and Marius in a bar called Friendly Society. This was a rather disappointing bar as they were unable to make Oliver a Margerita (“due to complications”the waiter said; most probably triple sec and tequila had a fight…) or Mojito (the mint leaves were on strike…), but he settled for a Bacardi and coke…..

Today is partly cloudy and the forecast for tomorrow is rain, so it’s time for some indoor activities!!

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