From Santiago de Cuba to Guardalavaca

It’s time to leave Santiago and go on. We wake up early, and go to the car rental company where we have made a reservation for a car in advance. Once we arrive, the people there found that we’re there much too early. No problem, we go to the hotel above it and enjoy a nice coffee. Half an hour later we go back, and the people said they just went out to collect our car, back in 30 minutes. 30 minutes became an hour, but then we finally got our car. A white Kia. We paid, we signed to contracts (make photos all around it) and we were ready to leave. Hit the road!

Oliver almost started the engine, when a police officer knocked the window, telling him to get out. The car was parked at a spot where that’s not allowed, he was about to write us a ticket. Daniël got out the car, and went to get the rental guys; luckily they fixed it with the police man. In the end, they parked it there, not us!

Time to leave! We drive to our Casa Particular to pick up our luggage  try to reach El Cobre, to visit Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre. This road was challenging. By muddy, sandy roads, surrounded by horse & carriages, bicyclists, oxes, missing signs and a not working GPS we finally made it! We visited the beautiful basilica in the area where they used to dig for copper, hence the name El Cobre.

We managed to ask in our best Spanish for the road to Guardalavaca, and we left in the direction we thought was best. A lot of times, the signs were a few 100 metres after the exit we should have taken, but luckily at a certain moment our GPS worked! This was good, we could now drive without worrying to much about the direction, and enjoy the crazy world around us.

We have arrived in Guardalavaca! The second hotel we try has a room available for us! We get two blue wristbands, we are in a all-in hotel! Most of the guests are drunk before noon, the food is bad, but the rum unlimited and the beach beautiful.

The next day, we stay in this hotel. Short summary of the next day: breakfast, beach, lunch, beach, diner, cuba libre’s, bed. Tomorrow we’ll go on the road again!

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