Cape Alghulas, Mosselbay

After a week of silence, we are back with some new messages. The reason for that is that we went outside Cape Town and drove around the Eastern Cape region. Stewart had beautifully planned the week and booked us guest houses and hotels for the whole week. It all started last tuesday, we left Cape Town and went through what is known as the Garden Route, with breathtaking scenery. I don’t know how many times our “breath was taken” during this whole trip!!! On the way we made a stop at the most southern point of Africa: Cape Alghulas. At this point the two oceans come together: the Atlantic and the Indian. People say that you could actually see a color difference between the two, but we’re probably color-blind… It looked all the same! But the temparature difference can be felt between the cold Atlantic coming from the south pole and the warm Indian coming from the equator. You’ll freeze your ass off in the coldness of the atlantic! Seriously!

We then continued to Mosssel Bay, a nice little town. We arrived there late afternoon after hours of driving. We stayed in a beautiful appartment right at the beach which is usually filled with surfers. Later we met with Ivan, Marius’ brother and his boyfriend Vernan, for dinner and drinks. We were quite the loud bunch in the sleeping town! Haha! We had such a laugh!

The following day after breakfast with Marius’ mom we explored Mossel Bay. They have a post-office-tree there. Legend has it that people going in the direction of the Indian Ocean used to hang shoes with letters in them and these would get picked up by the people travelling the opposite way and delivered to the families. Nowadays you find next to the tree a letter box in the shape of a shoe in which you can throw your letters, and yes, it does get delivered.

Next to the tree you find a museum with a life-s-ize model of the ship of on the first Portuguees explorers of South Africa: Batholomeus Dias.

After a quick stop for snacks and refreshments we went on direction Port Elizabeth, but that’s in part two.

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