Burgundy wine trip

Whenever Oliver and I go to France, we like to use both Couchsurfing as well as Billy’s website Chambres d’Hôtes Wijzer to find places to and people to stay, this time Billy’s website helped us find Manoir Bonpassage in Thury.

We spent a long weekend (with Rémon and Dimitri) in Burgundy with as main goals to visit wineries, taste their wines and buy a lot of bottles to bring back home. All goals were reached!

Together with DImitri and Rémon we traveled from The Netherlands to Reims (F), the capital of Champagne. Here we had a nice lunch and strolled around l’Avenue du Champagne. Here you can find the houses of big champagne brands such as Dom Perignon, Moët & Chandon and many others. A beautiful walk and good way for stretching the legs after our long car ride.  From Reims we continued our journey to our hotel in Thury.

After a friendly and warm welcome by the owners, we enjoyed our welcome drinks, after which it was already time for diner. We were pleasantly surprised by how good the dinner was, we drank some wine with it and quickly went to bed.

Next day we had a quick breakfast in our hotel and were on our way through the beautiful vineyards to the beautiful town of Beaune, the wine capital of Burgundy. Here we walked around, visited Hospices de Beaune, then we quickly went to the vineyards where we visited quite a number of wineries, tasted lovely wines and bought many bottles. We had a lovely lunch in Meursault, after which we visited the beautiful Chateau de Meursault. We also visited some other, smaller wineries, so we did not have to return to our hotel with empty trunks. 😉

On Sunday, we took it easy. Quiet breakfast and slowly to Beaune again. From there we visited (my favourite) wine castle in France: Chateau de Pommard. Here we walked around a bit, enjoyed their art gallery and then we got a great wine tasting. Given by a typical French lady who probably enjoyed our visit as much as we did, as she grabbed a glass for herself, too. We left the castle with a couple of boxes. We can start saving money for the next visit! After Pommard we went to some other vineyards, and later that night we had dinner in a resaturant not far from our hotel. 

Monday morning we had our last breakfast and drove home via Luxemburg and Belgium.  We expected to find some wine sales in the supermarkets in Beaune, but unfortunately it seemed we were a week too late. With all the bottles in the back, our car sounded like Jingle Bells. It was a beautiful trip, one to remember and repeat!

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