Thursday May 28, we pack the car and leave. We leave for France, where we’ll spend one night before reaching Spain. Some traffic in Belgium, some traffic around Paris, but around 17h00 we reach b&b Les Chevreuils. Owner Jean-Marc welcomes us, and we jump in the swimming pool. Really nice to relax a bit after a day in the car! Lovely dinner, good breakfast and we’re good for the next part of our trip: to Bilbao!

In Bilbao, we stay in an apartment we rented via AirBNB. It’s big, centrally located and has Wi-Fi. What else do we need? We walk around the city and then decide to sit down, for dinner. We pick a place called La Viña del Ensanche, and order wine. It’s cheap and delicious, when we ask which wine it is, we learn that this is the Rioja wine we ince bought in Holland, and which is one of the reasons why we decided to go to Rioja!!

Next day, we meet up with Carlos. Carlos is our new friend whom we met through Couchsurfing. He agreed to give us a tour through Bilbao and did a very good job! Knowing a lot about the city, and inviting his friends on the tour and the places to eat and drink made us feel totally at home and not tourists. We loved this day, and every part of it.



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