Back in Havana

Today is the day we drive back to Havana. We have breakfast in the casa particular, we pay our bill (CUC130,=) and the hosts make us feel like we’re family leaving. Hugs and kisses, and they make us promise to go back one day. Honestly, these hosts were the ones that left the best memory.

So, then we start the car and our 300 kms trip starts. We drive the highway and are surprised to see that there are more potholes than other cars. We make one stop for a drink and get stopped by the police for a random check. All goes well here. We manage to find our way to our Casa Particular in Havana at once. It is good to be back! Luckily, our hostess is home, so we can drop off our luggage and proceed to the car rental place to return the car. There, the guy inspects the car thoroughly and finds some damages. All of them were already on the report we signed when we received the car, back in Santiago de Cuba. All but one thing: the Kia sign on the back is missing, and no remark on the report. “We need to pay”, so says the guy. Luckily, I have read a lot about Cuba before our trip, and made photos from every angle of the car before we got it. The guy is convinced and signs our bill. (I am still sure this has been set up between the guy who gave it to us and the guy who take it on, but that is a different story…..)

Happy that have have completed our trip without flat tyres and that we managed to deal with the missing Kia sign, we go to the nearby Hotel Nacional de Cuba where we drink mojito and eat beef. The view from here is beautiful! We text our Couchsurfing friend Jesus and plan to meet with him later on. In between we return to our pace for a nap.

Later that night we finally meet my favourite Cuban man: Jesus, who lives in the same street as the hotel where we ate earlier today. He takes us to a very nice restaurant where they serve delicious food for little money. Then Jesus takes us on a tour through Havana showing us the old centre and he gives us tips where to go to for lunch tomorrow. We sit a while on the Malecon before we head back to our apartment where we have some drinks and then fall a sleep after a long, long day…..

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