Addo National Park

On the way to Addo, we went to a lion farm. The farm is actually a park where a few animals run free, like the giraffes, zebras, warthogs… The Lions are kept in large cages in which you can drive and come very close to the lions. Next to the “more common” brown lions, they have white lions, not albinos but genetically white. These are possibly the most beautiful and impressive creatures I have ever seen! In another part of the farm you can find other animals and the lions cubs. And you can actually go in the cage with a couple and cuddle!!!!! Of course we couldn’t let the chance pass by.

The next stop was a crocodile farm. Next to crocodiles they also breed lions. And no you can’t cuddle crocodiles in case you were wondering…

And finally we arrived at Addo National Park. This park is huge. First it was 600 km2, but they are busy expanding it. The lion and crocodile farm are actually in the park. Here all the animals run free, even the big “cats”. But the biggest attraction in the park is the elephants. Stewart had booked us forest cabins, very nice and causy. After having unpacked we went for a drive in the park. We came across warthogs, buffalos, ostrisches, kudus, elands, zebras, springboks, ducks, eagles and of course elephants. A nice happy family came parading in front of us to have some water, with a very small one among them. Where we were standing and watching them we managed to count about 20 elephants!!!

We went back to our cabins, having already done some grocery shopping for the night’s dinner, to get ready for a night drive. The park organises several drives, and one of these is during the night. We go in a truck with a guide holding a big light looking for nocturnal animals. We made sure to come early to get the best seats on the truck and off we went. We didn’t make any photo as it is almost impossible to get a decent one in the dark, but we did see a spooted hyena, awls, kudus, sprinhare, and other animals with difficult names Smile After the drive we had a nice bbq and went to bed. the following day we went for another drive and we arrived on time a spot where a baby-elephant was stuck in the muddy waters and was struggeling to get out, and his mother was trying to push him out but not with much success. A minute later the rangers came and tried to scare the mother away with the sound of the car’s engine, when she was far enough they quickly jumped out and pulled the little thing out. It was sooooooooo beautiful to see this, goose bumps all over!!!

And later we drove to Oudshoorn, some 425 kms away…

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