Trinidad 1

From Camagüey we drive to Trinidad, one of th prettiest towns we have seen in Cuba. Together with the nearby Valle de los Ingenios, it has been one of UNESCOs World Heritage sites since 1988. Upon arrival we phone Luis (the Couchsurfing friend we met in Santiago de Cuba), whom we pick up from the beach. He helps us finding our Casa Particular, we drive to the city centre where the police man opens the gate for us. There are no cars allowed in the city centre, except those driven by guests of Casa Particulars. A bit awkward, but we get used to it.

After having installed ourselves, we grab towels and go to the beach. The water is lovely warm, but filled with strange plant parts. Luckily there are trees on the beach so we (Daniël) doesn’t sunburn too much. At night we join Luis (and his unexpected German boyfriend Thomas) for dinner at their Casa. A plate full of boring shrimps was what it was, a bit disappointing.

Later on we go to the city centre where we happen to meet a big procession for Good Friday. We follow a figurine of Maria that is being carried to a square with three crosses where someone speeches for hours. We leave, and go sit on the stairs rights next to the cathedral, where we enjoy some live music. This all until Olivers mojito ends up in his jeans, then we need to go back and sleep.

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